Peruvian Pink Salt is a unique premium salt harvested by hand after traditional methods going as far back as to the days when the Inca Empire ruled South America. The salt goes under different names, however it is commonly known as Maras Salt or the Peruvian Pink Salt. Combining history and taste, Maras Salt has its origin deep in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, 11.000ft above sea level. In Quechua, the official language of the Inca Empire, this area goes under the name Kachi Raqay and consists of 4200 salt ponds. From an ancient pre-historic ocean, buried under the majestic Andes Mountains, spring water is pouring out to the salt ponds, where the water then evaporates under intense sunlight and gives birth to this tasty natural wonder known as Maras Salt – The Peruvian Pink Salt.


Peruvian Pink Salt does not belong to any big corporation, but is still owned by the locals. The salt ponds have been passed between generations and are the economic corner-stones of the village of Maras. In 2004, before the salt was commercialized, opportunities in Maras were scarce. Today, however, the village is brought back to life thanks to Peruvian Pink Salt and the more than 700 000 tourist that visit each year.

Peruvian Pink Salt is 100% natural, rich in trace minerals and harvested far away from the pollution of the ocean. In other words without additives! It enhances the flavors of your favorite dishes, and thanks to its powerful taste it even allows you to reduce the amount of salt you normally apply to your cooking. Peruvian Pink Salt is today increasingly enjoyed in the Americas, Asia and Oceania, and used by top chefs from around the world. It is said that the salt owes its unique taste to the combination of intense sunlight and thin air. Create a gourmet experience at your kitchen!